Luxury Baby Blanket + Gift Box

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Introducing our latest addition to the Palliser Ridge range, the Luxury Baby Blanket.

Like all of our Palliser Ridge wool items, this product had its humble beginnings as the fibre that is shorn from our Romney lambs in February of each year.
Our shearing process, as well as our on farm practices are Land to Market accredited, so you can be sure it's ethically harvested.

The shorn wool then heads to the sunny Hawkes Bay for scouring, before travelling to Woolyarns in Wellington for carding and spinning.

Once the yarn is in single ply form, it's shipped up to the big city of Auckland where our friends at Inter-Weave turn it into beautiful fabric, for our long time followers of the farm, you may recognise this pattern as one of our Luxury Lamb's Wool Blanket styles!

The fabric is then brought back to Palliser Ridge where it all began, where our lovely Glenda cuts it into shape, adds the satin and the leather badging, before packaging them up in beautiful gift boxes made by the good folk at Port Nicholson Packaging in Wellington.

The blankets are a generous cot size, each blankets dimensions are approximately 120cm* wide by 150cm* long. 
*give or take a couple of centimetres due to the handmade nature of these items